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Hostel Reviews 2.0 for Kinlay House, Dublin

powered by Sentiment Analysis 2.0 for Hostel Reviews

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Kinlay House, Dublin
Analysis based on 500 newest reviews. Our API extracted 1705 meaningful pieces of information.
All presented summaries were done automaticaly after processed by our Sentiment Analysis 2.0 for Hostel Reviews (no additional post-processing needed).

1. All reviews have been processed by Sentiment Analysis 2.0 for Hotel Reviews

500 Reviews:
Great location! Stayed for two nights, beds where a little stiff but not bad. Exactly as expected, had lockers to rent for an additional 2 euro's a day. Breakfast included P&J's and cereal.
we stayed 1 night here in seperate dorms and while mine was great and very comfortable, my friend was in a very large dorm with basically no power points so she had to charge her phone outside on a portable charger in order to have her alarm set for the morning. I feel like power points for each person is a basic necessity in a hostel nowadays. other than that, things were great and so was the free breakfast. it is a very large hostel but organised super well.
The hostel was decent. I enjoyed my stay there, except for being woken up in the middle of the night by the girl next to me having sex with a man she met at a pub. The security here is disappointing. Apparently just anyone can come in and out of the hostel at night, so make sure to lock up your things and bring earplugs/head phones!
Great central location. But I could not sleep and did not feel safe. Not-so-great institutional dorms with cage boxes under the bunk bed to lock belongings (must do this before leaving the room even to use WC). And never, never leave electronics unattended. Too noisy in rooms facing lord Edward, so little or no sleep to be enjoyed. Adequate free breakfast . Lounge area with ripped couches and tired mildew scented carpet throughout. You get what you pay for.
Was very happy with our stay. Only issue was the mattress was lopsided. They need to be turned over regularly.
I really didn’t enjoy my stay here. The beds were really clean so that was great, but everything in the common areas was sticky. Because it was such a large hostel it felt really isolating and it was difficult to meet people, especially since most people were just drinking a lot. My first night there the police came so that was uncomfortable too
The smelled like absoloute S**T, went...

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Hostel in General Opinion

opinion overall good, satisfied 205 will return 36 will recommend 25 will not return 16 overall disappointed 15 not recommend 7
hostel clean 38 dirty 20 safe 20 smelly 19 gem 18 not safe 10 outdated 5 awful 5 lots of stairs 4 not as advertised 1 as advertise 1
vibe pleasant 23 unpleasant 13 crowded 11 not party hostel 2 party hostel 1
common room available 24
elevator not working 4


recommended for young people 3 groups 2 solo travelers 1
not recommended for solo travelers 2 young people 2

Service&Staff Opinions

staff helpful, friendly 182 unfriendly, unhelpful 35 professional 7 unprofessional 2 well informed 1
cleaning service poor, careless 19 great 1
check-in fast 5 slow 4
reservation problem 1

Price & Payment Opinions

payment adequate price 37 overpriced 16 inexpensive 15 money waste 2 refound problem 1
additional payment baggage 6 lockers 2 extra fees 1 sheets, towels 1

Deal Breakers

deal breaker bugs 5 sth stolen 2

Room Opinions

room clean 70 noisy 39 nice, comfy 26 small 22 hot 22 dirty 15 spacious 10 quiet 6 outdated 6 sth broken 6 nice decor 6 key problem 1
bathroom dirty 24 clean 20 nice 17 shower problem 15 outdated 4 small 2 no soap 2 lack of amenities 1 shower small 1
bed comfy 41 uncomfy 21 dirty 4
lockers available 3 lack of 3
room amenities poor, lack of 3
kitchen amenities available 2

Addons Opinions

wifi problem 14 works good 5 slow 4 not available 3
ac lack of 8 problem 1
pool table available 3
handicap not accessible 1
laundry available 1

Location Opinions

location great 210
close to restaurants 30 city center 29 local attractions 14 public transportation 13 airport 11 shopping 2
neighborhood not safe 3

Food&Breakfast Opinions

breakfast free 36 great, tasty 30 poor, limited 9 bad, not tasty 4 rich, plenty options 2 not provided 1 not free 1

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Client overall satisfaction

Overall good/satisfied (205) vs. Overall dissapointed (15)


Will come back (36) vs. Will not come back (16)


Will recommend (25) vs. Will not recommend (7)


Your Warnings & Important features

Our AI deeply analyzed 500 reviews and matched with your personal settings

ac lack of 8 problem 1
bed comfy 41 uncomfy 21 dirty 4
laundry available 1
check-in fast 5 slow 4
kitchen amenities available 2

Personal alert detected!

deal breaker bugs 5 sth stolen 2
hostel not as advertised 1
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Opinions about the vibe

"Quirky, cozy hostel in a perfect location!"
"Fun hostel in the heart of the city"
"The hostel itself is very basic, not much atmosphere, but its clean and did the job as we were out exploring most of the time so was perfect for what we needed"

vibe pleasant 23 unpleasant 13 crowded 11 not party hostel 2 party hostel 1
common room available 24
room noisy 39 quiet 6

Service satisfaction

helpful, friendly (182) vs. unfriendly, unhelpful (35)


Other opinions about staff
professional (7), well informed (1), unprofessional (2)

Cleaning Service

great (1) vs. poor, careless (19)


The truth about WiFi

WiFi Score: -28

wifi problem 14 works good 5 slow 4 not available 3

There is a problem with Wifi in that hostel.

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Opinions about Price&Payment

payment adequate price 37 overpriced 16 inexpensive 15 money waste 2 refound problem 1
additional payment baggage 6 lockers 2 extra fees 1 sheets, towels 1

Price & Payment Score: 63 / 100

Opinions about Location

location great 210
close to restaurants 30 city center 29 local attractions 14 public transportation 13 airport 11 shopping 2
neighborhood not safe 3

Location Score: 99 / 100

The truth about Handicap Accessibility

handicap not accessible 1
elevator not working 4
bathroom shower small 1

See 3 similar hostels that are handicap accessible.

Summary of reviews generated automatically

All numbers in brackets() are a number of how many similar mentions were in analyzed reviews (e.g. 25 people described the vibe as pleasant, we write: The vibe of this hostel is pleasant (25) ).

Based on 500 last reviews (processed by Sentiment Analysis 2.0 for Hostel Reviews)

Guests were generally satisfied with the visit (205 guest confirmed in reviews, 93%) rather than were dissapointed (15 guest, 7%).
36 guests (69%) stated in reviews that they will come back compared to 16 guests (31%) who will not.
25 guests (78%) said that they would recommend that place, while only 7 guests (22%) won't recommend it.

The vibe of this hostel is described as rather pleasant (23) than unpleasant (13). People also wrote that this place is crowded (11). Hostel is rather noisy (39) than quiet (6).

Room is described by guests as: clean (70), noisy (39), nice, comfy (26), small (22), hot (22), dirty (15), spacious (10), quiet (6), outdated (6), sth broken (6), nice decor (6),

Bed is rather comfortable & clean (41) than uncomfortable (21) or dirty (4) .

Laundry is available (1). Pool table is available (3). Kitchen amenities are available (2).

Breakfast is confirmed to be free (36), great, tasty (30), rich, plenty options (2), but for some is poor, limited (9), bad, not tasty (4),

Staff is rather helpful, friendly (182), professional (7), but for some was unfriendly, unhelpful (35), On the other hand, Cleaning Service is rather poor, careless (19) than great (1).

Guests described the price as: adequate price (37), overpriced (16), inexpensive (15), money waste (2),

People reported additional payment for: baggage (6), lockers (2), other extra fees (1) sheets, towels (1),

Unfortunately, there were also bug reports (5) and theft reports (2).

210 guest stated that the location of this hostel is great.
It is close to: restaurants (30), city center (29), local attractions (14), public transportation (13), airport (11), shopping (2),

This hostel is recommended for: young people (3), groups (2), solo travelers (1),
This hostel is not recommended for: solo travelers (2), young people (2),

Quotes from reviews (that match your preferences)

Vibe pleasant (23)

"Fun hostel in the heart of the city"
"Even still, it was a fun place to stay and would definitely recommend"
"Centrally located friendly hostel, very helpful and nice desk staff, free breakfast (toast coffee cereal and yoghurt, no fruit)"

Not a party hostel (2)

"It was a good place to stay, no one seemed to party in the common rooms"
"Theres not much of a party atmosphere if thats what you're looking for as no alcohol is allowed"

Recommended for Young People (3)

"This hostel was a great option for me and my friends"
"great for a place to crash at night and mostly for young people who don't mind all the noisy and hustle and bustle of all the young crowds in the bathrooms and common room"

Happy quotes

"Thank you"
"Thank you, Kinlay House!"
"thank you!"
"The location of the hostel is amazing, everywhere you want to go is in walking distance and temple bar is in under a 10 min walk away"
"The hostel is lovely and the staff friendly"

Hostel Reviews 2.0 - Unlock the power hidden in Hostel Reviews.

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