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Language Understanding APIs

Unicorn NLP Products - Language Understanding APIs for Reviews / User-generated Content

Below, you will find a list of Language Understanding APIs for Hospitality&Travel, Restaurant & Food Delivery, Healthcare, Apss&Games, and other domains. Every product consists of a set of Semantic Models designed & tailored to a specific type of texts: hotel reviews, apartment reviews, app reviews, restaurant reviews, etc..

It is called Semantic Analysis and provides human-like accuracy and understanding. It is the next-generation of Keywords, Categories, Concepts and Sentiment Analysis. Our technology detects more high-quality information from reviews than these services combined.
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Hospitality & Travel

Restaurant & Food Delivery

Apps & Games

Home Service (Plumbing, Heating, etc.)


Just imagine, human-like quality of analysis train&tested on your data at the cost of automation. Processed reviews/texts can be easily used (no training and post-processing needed) for providing detailed automatic analysis, discovering hidden treasures in data, semantic tagging of texts, detailed comparison based on reviews/UGC, chatbot fueled by reviews, text summary for mobile, semantic search filters based on reviews and more.

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